Picosoft Pvt Ltd, a licensed rural Internet Service Provider, was established with a vision of connecting the unconnected in Rural Nepal providing high-speed and reliable internet no matter how far you are from the city.


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How it Works - Product

The aim of this project is to distribute internet services to the rural community schools and communities where ISPs have not been able to reach yet. The project started with Dhading district connecting twenty community schools as the first step which will impacting more than 100,000 households.

One of the biggest problem in rural areas is to meet the device points, the houses are separated by longer distances and it's very difficult for cable and fiber optics to meet this. The traditional structures can only go about five kilometers. With a cell tower or other device, TV White Space technology can travel eighteen kilometers and service many more customers at one time.


The visionary who aims to transform lives though technology.

Allen Bailochan Tuladhar


The resourceful person who makes sure that everything run smoothly.

Junu Thapa


The tech expert who makes sure that everyone is connected to the 21th century's oxygen.

Sailendra Dangol

Connectivity & Network Manager

The fastidious person looking for what is not easily seen.

Nairisha Shrestha

Cloud & Business Analyst

The person on the ground who is tasked with building up the network.

Jayasor Dhakal

Technical Specialist

The person on the ground who is tasked with building up the network.

Mandeep Shrestha

Technical Specialist