Super Wi-Fi: Progress to Date

Microsoft has been working with industry consortiums and regulators around the world to demonstrate the viability and potential of Super Wi-Fi. With over a dozen successful trials and demonstrations, it is clear the approach works and most of the technical questions have been addressed. Demonstrations have been successfully implemented in Belgium, Kenya, Switzerland, Singapore,  the United Kingdom, the United States, Uruguay, and other countries. The U.S. FCC has already adopted regulations allowing  non-exclusive license-exempt access to the TV White Spaces. A recent full scale deployment trial in Cambridge, UK was completed with results that exceeded expectations and the UK regulator, Ofcom, is using these results to inform regulatory proceedings.

Other regulators, in addition to the FCC in the US and Ofcom in the UK, have begun to implement the changes necessary to enable commercialization of this approach and it is only a matter of time before both the heavy bandwidth users in developed markets and those yet to even be connected in the furthest corners of the world to benefit from the innovative use of Super Wi-Fi.