3 Days Training Workshop by NPNOG and NPIX


On June 15th Nepal Network Operator’s Group (NPNOG) and Nepal Internet Exchange (NPIX) conducted a “npNOG2event” for 4 days followed by workshop and conference. A 3days workshop was jointly organized by NPIX and NPNOG in three different tracks at Hotel Yellow Pagoda followed by a full day conference at Hotel Malla.


Figure 2:NPNOG2event participants


Each day workshop was handled by technical experts along with practical environment setup with hands on training. The 3 different tracks that were covered during the workshop are:

  1. IPV4/V6 Routing
  2. Network Management and Monitoring
  3. Optical Fiber Network

These 3 different tracks were handled by the technical experts in the networking field and also joined by few experts from Asia-Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC).


Figure 3: With APNIC trainers


All of the trainers had more than decade experience in computer networking and working as seniors in their respective organizations. The participants that joined in this event were mostly from the ISPs and others were students and IT professionals, 90% of the participants were from leading ISPs in Nepal. It was a really great opportunity to become the part of the workshop and share knowledge within the people from various technical background. The topics that were mainly covered during the 3days workshop are:

  • TCP/IP communication and IP Routing
  • Internet Address Structure
  • OSPF Operation
  • BGP – operation and attributes
  • BGP Scaling Techniques
  • Nagios Installation and Configuration
  • Basic Linux Setup
  • Cisco Config Elements
  • Config-management-rancid
  • Monitoring Netflow with NFse and
  • Network Management
  • Optical Fiber Network advantages
  • Termination of Optical fiber

All of these topics were highly focused during the training and the knowledge that trainers had in this area was outstanding, also the participants participated in the discussion with great enthusiasm. The 3days workshop on various tracks was really helpful since it covered lot of information about different routing protocols like OSPF, EIGRP and BGP. Over the 3 routing protocols, the trainers mostly focused on BGP routing protocol since it was mostly used by ISPs in their network. There was also hands on lab in BGP routing where the participants were divided into 4-5 different groups, each group were assigned with different Area Boarder router and its customer router. This way everyone had great opportunity to play with the virtual routers, configuring Core router, Edge router and Customer routers. IPV6 was one of the important topic since it is going to replace IPV4 from the network system. In a same way, the session on Network Management and Monitoring was very beneficial. Linux virtual lab was setup with Nagios installed which is basically a Network management and monitoring applications. Similarly, terminating an optical fiber cable into the system took great interest of participants. The 3days workshop completed on delivering deep knowledge about IP routing, Optical fiber network, network management and monitoring.

The last day of the workshop was followed by the Conference at Hotel Malla. The Conference had several paper presentations relating to Nepal network operational updates, progress, challenges and new technologies. Speakers were amongst the leading Business men of Nepal in ISP industry, MDs from different company and Technical consultant from International Networks.


Figure 4: NPNOG2 conference at Hotel Malla