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Features of the Internet provided by Picosoft Nepal
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We provide Internet connection to rural parts of Nepal at a affordable cost.

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High Speed

We provide high speed internet even in the remotest part of the nation.

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We provide wireless internet services. Our customers do not have to be bound to a location to access the Internet.

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We use the latest cloud technologies to provide our customers with time relevant solutions.

About Us

Connecting the Unconnected in Rural Nepal

Unlimited Wireless Internet from Picosoft provides the fastest high-speed Internet service in rural areas where cable and ADSL Internet are not available options. Not only are Picosoft's download speeds up to 100 times faster than dial-up, but our wireless speeds are actually even three to six times as fast as high-speed satellite Internet. If you don't currently have access to cable or ADSL Internet because you live in rural area of the country, Picosoft is the only high-speed Internet solution that gives you video streaming capabilities and online gaming. With Picosoft, you can forget about all the data limits, expensive installation fees and monthly costs associated with satellite Internet. Finally, rural Nepal has an alternative that is even faster than satellite Internet, not to mention secure and low cost! We Provide Web development Services, Super Wi-Fi ( Through TV White Space) and Internet for Edu.

The Team

that connects the unconnected

Allen Bailochan Tuladhar


Junu Thapa


Sailendra Dangol

Connectivity & Network Manager

Nairisha Shrestha

Cloud & Business Analyst

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